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Boost-Inn is a leading provider of web solutions dedicated to the Hospitality industry; particularly the hotel and lodging sectors. Boost-Inn’s full suite of products include cloud-based solutions and applications that improve productivity and yield as well as room occupancy. Boost-Inn’s cloud-computing model architecture is simple yet robust and our solutions can scale and be tailored to the needs of small, medium or large businesses. These products were born in the cloud and as such do not require costly on-premises infrastructure or support, yet they will seamlessly integrate with you legacy on-premises products that are still vital for your operations (PMS, POS etc.)

Designed for the Hospitality Industry

Boost-Inn’s suite of Products was designed to help give your staff a technological edge without fuss or unnecessary complexity. Hospitality is and will remain a people-centric business. Keeping it together and making sure it all works will always be the responsibility of your staff. Boost-Inn aims to give your staff the best tools to achieve higher insight, revenue, and yield and empower them to make impactful live decisions on a daily basis.


Web Booking Engine

“Because guest acquisition is critical”

This is where you take control of your own sales channels. Owning and operating your own channels is paramount in this hugely competitive environment.

Hotel bespoke CRM

“Because data without smart response is wasted”

We believe everything should start with a great CRM that gives you a unique and simple dashboard with a complete 360 view of your business.

Data Analytics / BI

“We will show you data you did not know you had”

The end product is a simple and powerful dashboard that serves up beautiful reports without fuss. It requires no IT support, no training and no user manual.

How it Works

conceived specifically for the hotel industry to fit with your existing environment

Boost-Inn Works as a hub. It has a simple yet effective architecture. Our solution will connect to any system and any database to enable you to collect, organise and visualise revenue-critical data. More importantly it will enable you to take business-critical action upstream as well as downstream.


One of the biggest technological lags in the hotel industry is to do with property management, data management and customer engagement. At property level, hoteliers rely on a myriad of cumbersome systems: PMS, CRM, web booking engine, BI etc. There is not one system doing it all, the different systems are not linked and they are complex to use requiring the help of IT people.

Boost-Inn fills this gap to empower hoteliers in their quest for technological innovation.
“Boost-inn is a Hotel Enterprise overlay and operating platform that re-imagines the staff experience from the ground up.”

The Suite

Boost-Inn’s suite of products form an all-encompassing Hotel Management Solution that will revolutionize the way you run your hotel. Above all we are in the business of helping you sell rooms, and increase your revenues.

Boost-Inn is a Software as a Service (SaaS), accessible via a cloud-based application and served to you on a centralized dashboard. It is fully mobile and does not require a user-manual or intensive training to utilize. It will unleash powerful and practical solutions for your Hotel: yield management, reputation management, data visualization and reporting, to name a few.

Boost-Inn is an all-inclusive, tailor-made Hotel Management Solution that has been created from the ground’s up to fit into your infrastructure.

Core Values

CRM and BI tools for hotels

We believe Hospitality is and will remain a people-centric business. Our mission is to bring technology to the service of people not the other way around.

CRM hotel protel

Our solution seamlessly connects to all property-level systems. It was designed specifically to that end. It is also configured to connect to social media and the outside world.

Protel CRM

Our product connects in real time and allows you to create reports in a matter of seconds because inspiration is a spur of the moment thing.

Cloud-based hotel CRM

Simplicity is in our DNA: we create tools and products that require no user-manual or lengthy training. Our product is not aimed at IT professionals but general users across the busines

hotel guests CRM

Our mantra is to constantly seek innovation and our product will never be static. Always in motion and constantly evolving yet with the permanent ambition to have a quantifiable impact on your operations and revenues.

Hotel CRM : boost-inn

The access to your data is controlled by a drastic security protocol involving a complex authentication, encryption system and the highest level of authorization of users and devices.